Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Spring Cleaning - House and Mind

What is it about the sun making a reappearance that makes us all want to clean and de-clutter?

I LOVE a declutter! My husband on the other hand is a bit of a hoarder but he will argue that he cleans better than me! Well, he is welcome to do the cleaning, but all I get chance to do most days is just try to keep the house looking tidy and do what he calls 'tickle the dust'. He can however disappear in the en-suite for an hour cleaning it, and there's only a shower, toilet and sink in there!

Throwing things away however, I could do all day, but maybe it's the buying of new stuff I also enjoy??!

I've had a huge clear out of the kitchen cupboards this week and thrown away (or taken to charity) all the pans, and other kitchen contraptions that we don't use. We had THREE blenders and TWO food mixers! WHY?!

I can also clear away our Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine too now, as Sophie has taken to whole milk now instead of her Aptamil. I know it's from 12 months they can have whole milk, but she's 11 months and 1 week now and I'm not going to tell anyone, as long as you don't?! Who knows what trouble I would be in!

Despite Sophie still on having 2 teeth, she eats 'normal' food really well. Up until now, she's had Ella's Kitchen meals but she definitely doesn't seem as interested in them anymore so it also feels good to not have to continue buying them and Aptamil!

Just to add to the mayhem or re-organising and de-cluttering, we have a water leak! Our house is coming up to 3 years old now so luckily still under warranty with Barratt Homes. We noticed that the carpet was damp in the hall yesterday morning but I thought I had given Sophie a little too much nappy free time and so I just mopped it up!

However it seemed to get wetter. Then I realised it was also wet under the stairs! Later on, also in the living room! Following a bit of detective work, the plumber established we have a leaky pipe behind the toilet upstairs. I think we're going to need a new carpet in the hall, in the living room, the utility ceiling needs re-plastering as well as the hallway. Two doors downstairs have 'blown' due to water damage and it also looks like the skirting boards have done the same. The tiles in the bathroom upstairs may need to come off so hopefully they can still source the same ones! I am so pleased that the house still has warranty so it's their problem to sort!

Today without water, with a 3 year old and an almost 1 year old who has recently mastered walking has been hard! Harry just wants to go to the places he's not allowed and Sophie also doesn't like not having the freedom of walking where she wants to walk. They have just started playing so nicely together too, so being restrained in the 'dry zone' today has been frustrating for them both!

Harry resorted to having a nap on the sofa, which Sophie finds funny. She's always tries her hardest to wake him up when he naps in the day, usually teasing him by waving one of his toys, particularly his newest toy in his face until he open his eyes and realises what she's doing! Ha Ha!
She got herself a funny personality, mainly copied from her brother! She loves him so much (apart from when he stands on her sleepsuit feet and she can't work out why she can't move!).

Me and Paul actually had 24 hours away from them last weekend (the first 24 hours alone since before Harry was born!). It was like a body and mind Spring Clean. 
I found it amazing to realise how mentally switched on I am all the time. Even when they are both asleep or both at nursery, I'm must still be subconsciously thinking about what they have done, what they are going to do/need next, what they need later and tomorrow etc. etc. Knowing that they were both being looked after, I was really able to relax my mind properly. We visited Ludlow for the day and spent the evening and night at The Clive. The weather was beautiful and we were able to have a leisurely lunch in a cafe, walk SLOWLY around the town and browsed around a few shops. However, the only three items I bought was a coat and t-shirt for Harry and cute little dress for Sophie! Ha Ha! I can't get them totally out of my mind!

Where we stayed that evening was perfect. Despite having a weekend off family duties, we ended up getting the family room as it was the last they had, but it was quiet with a great atmosphere, we had amazing food both in the evening and breakfast the next morning. We will definitely return! 

We are back to reality now though with our babies and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Fitness Plans - post-Wedding!

Well, having an event like a Wedding to motivate you to lose some weight is great but now I have nothing. I don't want to fall into the trap of gaining a new pound of weight every day now I'm a married woman and all that, so I've taken up a little running! I'm not teaching any classes at the moment due to me not having the same time each week free to teach one, so being able to run straight from home is perfect! 

Whenever I have ran in the past, no matter what my current state of fitness was, I've felt like a ton weight. I just thought my body wasn't built for running. I still don't think I'm a natural runner, and I never will be. After Christmas, my friend Laura started using the app RunKeeper, so thought I'd also give it a try. It gives you a program to follow depending on what your goal is. I selected 'Beginner 5K'. I was quite surprised to see that it was expecting me to run every other day, but I managed to keep up.................during January anyway!

I am sticking to the programme, but not necessarily the frequency it's suggesting! 

It alternates 3 different types of run. The first being a shorter, steady/moderately paced run between 2.4km and 4km. The second being an interval run, where I have to alternate a fast pace for a period of time followed by a lower intensity jog a number of times (these are my favourite!). The third workout is a 45 minute steady run, getting me used to moving for that duration of time (good music is necessary to get me through this one!). 

I'm quite pleased with the progression over the last 8 weeks. I have progressed from an average pace of 7.01 mins/km to 5.59 mins/km. If you are a regular runner, you will know that this is not an impressive pace, but for an unnatural runner, I'm happy. 

I have ran a 5K in 29 minutes before, so I'm hoping that I can break 25 minutes by this Summer.

Wedding Day! - Part 2 of 2

In my previous post about our Wedding Day, I wrote about my half of the day up until my walk up the aisle!

Here is what happened after that.................

The emotions I felt walking that short walk up the stairs and up the aisle were just crazy. The excitement and nerves very nearly bought me to tears. It was a total out of body experience, like I was watching someone else walking up to Paul with my Dad! 

The Ceremony was short and sweet. We got all our words right and no tongues got tied! Our little Harry sat perfectly quiet next to his Uncle. I didn't even spot him when I walked in! My Bridesmaid, Jess carried Sophie up the aisle. As she wasn't feeling well, I was prepared to have to hold her during the Ceremony but she settled and we didn't hear a peep from her either!
I was worried in the days running up to the Wedding, that I didn't know what I was meant to say during the Ceremony! However, the short chat with the Registrar before the Ceremony totally put my mind at ease. I remember really focussing on what she was saying and made sure I spoke much slower than I usually do!

Our Wedding was very child friendly, and although our own children were strangely silent, I loved the background noise of our other little guests! 

As soon as the announcement of Husband and Wife was made, my whole body relaxed! It was done, and now we had the rest of the day to enjoy and savour!

 The next two hours were spent either having photo's taken, drinking mulled wine and bubbly or eating Cornish pasties! 
The weather was just beautiful! Cold, but beautiful! Guests spilled outside into the courtyard, while Phil, from PB Artworks called everyone over as they were needed for photographs. We had the necessary posed pictures, but also some fabulous creative photos!........(Here is a very small selection!)
The rest of the day was a continuous happy blur...... We ate lovely food; butternut squash and red pepper soup, Beef Bourguignon and Sticky Toffee pudding! 

Paul, to this day, tells me off for not eating all my food but I just can't drink and eat! By this point in the day I had had a few glasses and it was also taking some concentration trying to feed Sophie her dinner without getting any on my dress! 

The speeches were next, where we suffered from technical issues with the microphone. But I think one of the highlights was when Harry tried to steal and run off with it! My best memory was Paul's poem, he wrote from scratch!.....I just loved it and it made me smile!

You are beautiful to me.

When our eyes first met
They put me under a magical spell
Where those eyes would lead me
At that point, I could not tell
Such a dazzling, radiant sort of greeny-blue with ice white
And so far apart they gave me quite a fright
Now, some people might see that as a flaw
A bit like a dog having an extra dew claw
But to me, thinking of genetics and my future children's sporting proprioception
Those eyes just meant better depth perception

Your amazing body was highlighted when we first went for a ride
There's nothing about a woman's body, that tight lycra can possibly hide
Every lump and bump was there for me to see
As you whizzed in and out of those big green trees
Again, my emotions started to confuddle
As you took the lead through a muddy puddle
That muscular bum up ahead
Was to my genetically driven brain
A source of power, that one day would be to my sporty children's gain
Without a doubt any future son
would benefit in his cycling, from having that bum

Your beauty to me though is not just about genetics and 'survival of the fittest'
It's also about the way you look…
And being a top class bird who all my mates would like to... go out for dinner with
I love showing you off, as you are the prettiest girl that I have ever met
And I say that with truth and honesty, and not at all because it was a bet

Your beauty really is extreme
And it is partly that, which keeps me keen
For more babies (And more early nights)
To keep the family growing till we feel its size is right
That may be three kids, may be four
But I think we should keep going ‘till we can’t get any more through the front door

Your beauty is within you too
Strong and determined, you are the glue
That holds us together when things get a bit blue
Confident (almost as much as me)
And clever (well to a degree)
Except when you ask questions like 'do all rivers run south?'
It amazes me when stuff like that comes out your mouth
It is though endearing
And makes me love you more
It’s certainly better than being with a brainy bore

We've had tough times
When I thought we were knackered
Terrible times
When everything was crackers
With no money, no jobs, and importantly
No Eurosport for the cycling on TV
But you kept going Zumba-ing your heart out for an hourly rate
So I could have the telly channel, that is my favourite
Things slowly got better and look what we have now
All because of you and the things that you do

Of course, selflessness is one of your traits
In fact, it’s something that makes you truly great
You are someone who keeps on giving
With your hard work, you keep us living
The fullest of lives
The best of lives
Full of joy and happiness
None of which I would want to miss

You are everything to me
Everything I ever wanted or need
Nothing is missing from my life
No longer even a 'Trouble and Strife'
So here’s to the future
It's going to be a belter
I feel so happy when we are together
Thankyou Corndog, for being my best friend forever

I am so pleased that I put a 'craft' table out for the little ones. It was a long day for them but all were entertained!
 Even more so, when we were surprised by a special guest......


Along with some cake cutting, the evening was perfectly finished off with entertainment from James Franklyn - a fantastic, and highly recommended Soul singer....... and more wine....
I'm sorry to say, that our first dance wasn't quite the success we were hoping for. It looks lovely on the photo's but I was little too inebriated to pull it off. Paul did a fantastic job in keeping me upright and on my feet!
Our Wedding Day was truly the best day of my life and despite the little things, I wouldn't wish to change a thing. It was great to see all our family and friends and we are blessed to have such fantastic photo's to look back on and remember the day we became Mr and Mrs Bailey.